Cathryn Hankla

Cathryn Hankla is a Professor of English at Hollins University. She also edits poetry for The Hollins Critic and is the author of eleven books of poetry and fiction. Her works include Last Exposures (LSU, 2004), The Land Between (Baskerville, 2003) and Poems for the Pardoned (LSU, 2002). Her work has appeared in The Denver Quarterly, The Missouri Review and Blackbird, and she was winner of Shenandoah’s 2010 James Boatwright III Prize in Poetry.

My Life in Snakes

My knees recall a watery buckle whenever I remember my encounters with snakes, their undulations across my path, their many permutations. Once, in early summer I nearly stumbled upon an adolescent copperhead a foot long and as big around as … Continue reading